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Monthly Archives: October 2016

Some Advantages from Online Bill Payment

Fast and easy

Using the online bill payment method has now become fast and easy. No doubt due to the online portal, the steps to pay off a bill is reduces as compared to the traditional method. For one, you don’t have to approach the institute with a check or cash, and wait in line for your turn to pay. You can now just sign up online and log in your account details to make the transfer. You can even use your banking cards for this benefit. Since there is no intermediators or delay in the processing of your papers, your bill will be immediately processed with your payment.

Banking card benefits

Using your banking cards has a lot of benefits for online bill payment. Through this channel, not only you will benefit from this venture but also the bank or financial institute itself. If you use banking cards, you can get a lot of benefits in terms of reward points, frequent flier miles and even discounts on your bill payments. In turn, the banks and finance institutes also benefit from less paper work that is utilized through online payments. They in turn encourage account holders to utilize online bill payments, through discounts and deals.

Cheaper than traditional channels

Traditional forms of bill payment methods would include approach the institute with a cash or check before the deadline. This process would not only be a waste of time, but also your resources. Additionally, you would be charged for the extra paper work that would be required for the bill and the labour force that would be required to process it manually. In order to encourage you to opt for a paperless form of payment, banks and financial institutes would provide discounts and deals if you use the online process, making it cheaper for you.

Easy organization

No doubt, you will have plenty of bills to pay at different deadline. At such a time, it will be difficult to keep track of the different deadlines and the amount to paid for each bill. With the online bill payment, you can easily keep track of how and when to pay the bill. You can even set up an automatic bill payment process that allows you to pay off the bill before the deadline.

About Online Fraud Management

1. Geo location

The endpoint of a certain IP address can show you the location of the customer having the order, when you sense sufficiently at ease that there is no other proxy. You can find countless online services, which can identify and know the IP location. What is good here is the power of the IP information, still is utilizing it in on the conjunction with other data points such as billing address, shipping as well as AVS results.

2. Proxy Detection

When you are not performing it this time, proxy detection is one of the very significant steps in assessing an order for a fraud. Such services that work real time evaluation for proxy detection are commonly the most accurate and the best way to track a proxy. When you don’t want to have such service, you can simply do a web research for an IP address with the keyword of “proxy” that will permit you to see if it’s still current proxy on any kind of warning lists.

3. Address Verification Service

Utilizing such service together with an IP Address or any kind of data points, is added way to assess the validity of a certain order. For an instance, whenever an IP address closes geographically to the address verification address (AVS), can be an indication that an order is valid. However, AVS matches could be most of the times misleading. A complete AVS match together with a different shipping address is significantly meaningless whereas an order having no match could be clarified by a recent move to a temporary residence.

4. Hire an Expert

You can find variety of cost efficient ways that even those small business can do much better in protecting themselves and that is employing a third party expert that could save you a lot of money, time and headaches.

Advantages From Holding Multiple Savings Account

Focus on saving for multiple goals:

You and your friends have planned an international trip at the end of the year. Suddenly you realize you need to save up for your insurance renewal. Without realizing it, you may end up taking a part of your funds delegated for your insurance renewal to book early bird tickets for your trip, only to realize you don’t have sufficient funds for the renewal. With a savings account, you can focus on one goal at a time. In order words, you can plan for the renewal of your insurance AND go for your international trip too.

Keep a track of your goal:

While you may be a master at multi-tasking, it can be quite difficult to keep track of long-term financial goals. This is especially difficult if you keep using the funds from your single savings account to satisfy all your financial requirements. In the end, you will be wondering exactly how many bills did you pay, to end up with such a low savings? Instead of leaving everything to your bank statements as a reminder, you can set up separate saving accounts for specific purposes. You can even set up the account to send you alerts for deductions or any transactions made to help you keep track of the funds in each of the accounts.

Keep track of how much you are investing:

With a savings account, surely you will be investing a small amount on a regular basis. However, if you are investing funds for multiple goals at the same time, you will only be investing an amount that, when dived for each goal, will amount to a small figure. In other words, you may end up spending literal years, just so you can collectively satisfy the goal for that savings account. When you break down your goals into separate saving accounts, it’s much easier to see your progress and how far along you really are.

About Payment Processing Companies

Mostly, these payment processors are divided into two parts i.e. front end and back end. The front end processors have connections to many card related associations and they deal in authorization and settlement services. The back end processors accept the deals done by front end and completes the operation which includes verification and anti fraud measures. Payment processing companies are a sure shot way of getting out of the headache of securing details of each and every customer carrying out transactions via cards. The payment processor companies take all the burden of keeping transnational information of customer’s with themselves and gives the service provider peace of mind. The payment processing companies provides a platform which is a gateway to receive payment from the customers and transfer to the merchant providing services or products according to their business.

Even for new establishing firms, card payment processing companies can prove to be very helpful.Let us look at some major reasons which will help us in understanding that why and how payment processing companies are a great help in business growth and development.

  • Online card payment service companies provide online facilities like payment options from debit cards, credit cards, internet banking . bank transfer, direct debit and real time money transfer from one account to other. Many non card options are also used widely usually known as e-wallet such as PayPal and so on. Multiple card payment over the phone channels is upcoming which serve the customer as well as merchant’s requirements.
  • These payment processing companies have served to be very useful to both the consumers and the service providers as some companies have less restricted application and this application allows you to customize the customer’s experience.
  • The best thing about payment processing is that they are secure and consumer has no tension of any fraudulent or any mishap. The processing is done in proper security measures and also the added benefit of using payment processing is that the service is fast. These payment processing allows the business to grow, have secure transactions and reception of cost effective payments tomorrow.
  • For specific websites, one can customize the payment process hiring web designers and experts in building web applications. Many businesses work closely with web developers and banks to get payments process according to their requirements. The best part is that once the website work is done it can be upgraded same as software upgrades to meet business requirements.
  • The added benefit for the customer’s is that they can check their transactions online, over the phone or any other means which they think is comfortable for them. Thus, customer gets to know all details and business maintains transparency and trust.