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About Online Fraud Management

1. Geo location

The endpoint of a certain IP address can show you the location of the customer having the order, when you sense sufficiently at ease that there is no other proxy. You can find countless online services, which can identify and know the IP location. What is good here is the power of the IP information, still is utilizing it in on the conjunction with other data points such as billing address, shipping as well as AVS results.

2. Proxy Detection

When you are not performing it this time, proxy detection is one of the very significant steps in assessing an order for a fraud. Such services that work real time evaluation for proxy detection are commonly the most accurate and the best way to track a proxy. When you don’t want to have such service, you can simply do a web research for an IP address with the keyword of “proxy” that will permit you to see if it’s still current proxy on any kind of warning lists.

3. Address Verification Service

Utilizing such service together with an IP Address or any kind of data points, is added way to assess the validity of a certain order. For an instance, whenever an IP address closes geographically to the address verification address (AVS), can be an indication that an order is valid. However, AVS matches could be most of the times misleading. A complete AVS match together with a different shipping address is significantly meaningless whereas an order having no match could be clarified by a recent move to a temporary residence.

4. Hire an Expert

You can find variety of cost efficient ways that even those small business can do much better in protecting themselves and that is employing a third party expert that could save you a lot of money, time and headaches.