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About Quick Remit

Good Exchange Rates: As compared to the other remitting services, the quickremit provides better exchange rates. In order to stay above the competition, quickremit provides ideal rates that not only benefit you with each transfer, but consecutive transfers in the long run. This helps you save your funds, anytime you need to make multiple transfers.

Cost effective: Most of the charges that are made on remittance depend on the model type you choose. Most of the services that offer you a remittance, charge not only for the service charge, but also demand charges for the type of remittance model you choose. Additionally, some services may also charge for the amount you sent. Together, this makes an expensive affair. However, quickremit offers a fixed pricing, making it cost effective in the long run.

Time Taken: Quickremit transactions are very fast. The average time it takes for the transfer to occur is between 2 to 7 days. This may depend solely on the choice of the remittance model one takes and the location of the recipient.

Online Tracking: keeping track of your remittance transfer is an ideal way to stay updated with the progress. Through this service, you can just log online to your quickremit account and check out the progress of the transfer. If there is any unscheduled delay, you can easily contact customer care and alert them.

Trusted Service: Very often it is common for funds to be delayed or even your transfers to be denied. Additionally, transparencies in the charges are not often given, thus creating a doubt in the mind of its users. However, most of the quickremit services are provided by reputed companies, thus ensuring that they provide a trustworthy service.